Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Facebook Resource for Big Moms

Good news!  Some friends of mine from the birth and Fat-Acceptance worlds just created a Facebook page for moms of size.   It can be found at:

The idea behind the Facebook page is to create a complementary site where women of size can post their pregnancy photos, belly photos, birth photos, breastfeeding photos, etc.  There are also discussion threads available.

Here is an excerpt their blurb:
The Ample Mother was started by two friends, both Ample Mommies! We wanted to create a safe, supportive community where other Ample Mommies could ask questions and share pictures and stories....
While we would like to promote exercise and good nutrition, we do so with the understanding that health is not synonymous with thin, and good health happens at all sizes! We will not focus on weight loss here.

We would like to encourage and enlighten women of size. Casting off the misconceptions based on bias and judgement in order to achieve the best pregnancy, birth and journey into motherhood that one can have....

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