Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

May you have a wonderful holiday season. May you enjoy family time, whether that's with family of origin or family of choice.  And may you have a wonderful new year. 

Peace and blessings to us all!

*Painting by Renoir; image from Wikimedia.


Elena said...

I wish you Happy New Year and a joyful 2011!

Hope said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making this site! I am 5'9" and 334 lbs. I'm in a size 24 or 26 already and just found out I am pregnant. It is a JOYOUS thing for my husband and I, as we've been trying for years and I am not very far along right now (only about 3-4 wks by my estimation)but am terrified that I am going to stand out even more than I do now and that people will just think I'm getting fatter, rather than notice that I'm pregnant. I'm in my best friend's wedding very close to when I'm estimating I'll be due (hopefully I can still do it!) and was already dreading being the biggest bridesmaid... and now I will have even more weight and a bigger, pregnant belly! I'm trying to look at this more positively because it is truly a blessing that I am finally expecting after such a long road and celebrate the changes my body will experience... but as an overweight woman, that is a bit tougher to do. Your site is very inspiring and gives me hope that I will be able to turn the other cheek and not have comments like "oh, you need to watch your weight" (spoken by my very own mother!) when I share my good news with others. I'm not planning on doing that until I'm a little farther along, but am still feeling unprepared for the negativity I will certainly face from people that are critical of plus size women. Thank you for giving women like myself hope that we can be just as beautiful and proud as expectant mothers who do not start off as overweight as we are.