Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Supporting Women's Natural Pushing Instincts

Canadian First Nations Birth Sculpture

Just a brief post this week to link to a spot-on wonderful article from Midwife Thinking on supporting women's natural pushing instincts. It goes very well with my series on birth positions.

I know that birth professionals truly mean well, but directed pushing and inflexible positioning can harm women and babies. It's time for these practices to stop.

That's not to say that coaching or help is never needed during pushing, but too often it is given when it is not needed and is harmful far too often. I know I personally experienced directed pushing or inflexibility towards positioning in several of my births, and I know many other women who have too. It's still all too common in many places. In fact, it's rare NOT to see directed pushing in hospitals, and many doctors finish their residencies have seen only reclining or semi-reclining positions.

Some outdated practices during pushing even actively harm women and babies, yet are still used at times. A friend of mine experienced damage from these outdated techniques only a year or two ago. This must change!

Read the excellent article from Midwife Thinking on supporting natural pushing instincts here

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