Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Worst Parenting Moments.....

.......are when you least expect them.

Now, there are many wonderful blessings to having children and by far the blessings outweigh the bad parenting moments......but oh, when those bad moments hit, they hit with a vengeance.

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that a vomiting child ranks right up there among the worst everyday-kind-of-bad-parenting moments. I mean, it's nothing on the scale of Really Bad Things That Can Happen, but on the day-to-day-o'meter, it's pretty high on the Richter Scale.

Guess what I've been doing this week???

Ah, what psychics you all are.

Yup, a tummy bug has been wending its merry way through our household, which of course means that EVERYONE in the house has been trading it back and forth. Which, when you have four kids, is a lot of vomit.

Started a few nights ago with #3, who first vomited on his bed, then ran down the hall to the bathroom (managed to not throw up in the hall, bless his little heart) and then prompty blew chunks all over the bathroom. And I do mean ALL over the bathroom. And I do mean chunks.

Didn't make it to the toilet. Sorta kinda got to the sink but this was projectile vomiting so it got EVERYWHERE. In the sink, on the countertop, down the front of the bathroom cabinet, down the inside of the bathroom cabinet doors, IN the bathroom cabinets, all over the mirror, all over the floor, on the towels, even some on the walls.

Mr. WellRounded and I spent two hours cleaning up all the vomit. Ugh.

Thank goodness there were two of us so we could each spell the other as we alternately gagged and had to run out for fresh air relief. I don't know how single parents manage. I can not deal with the smell of vomit! At least there was someone there to suffer with me and to give me periodic breaks from it.

The next day #1 was down for the count. Last night, #2 and #4 took their turns on the Vomit Comet. Lovely, just lovely.

Mr. WR got it today....not vomiting but definitely feeling majorly yuck-o. I've had it mildly off and on.....I function fine in the day, by evening I'm nodding off and feeling queasy and headachy......and then I'm fine again. Knock on wood, hopefully that's as far as it will get with me.

I hope.

Tonight everyone but Mr. WR is showing signs of life again; he'll probably be much better tomorrow as well since he slept most of the day today. I think we are back to a normal school day tomorrow, knock on wood.

I'm just hoping that this little tummy foray doesn't turn into a repeat of the Great Tummy Troubles of 2006. That year, we spent six weeks........SIX WEEKS.....with a really really bad Norovirus, trading it back and forth among us all.

Six weeks of vomiting.

Six weeks of cleaning it all up.

Ugh. I practically broke my carpet shampooer and......well, we just ended up throwing some things away because they were a totally lost cause.

Ah yes, those golden parenting moments that you can look back on and laugh about.....MANY years later.

Sorry, I'm not there yet on either that one....or this one. Maybe someday. Right now I'm just praying that this one is not the Giant Economy Size version.

Everyone send us good tummy thoughts, eh?

p.s. As soon as the Tummy Tirades are history, I have a major post to put up on the site. Keep tuning in!


Nicole said...

Ugh, sorry to hear it! After having very little of that for his first four years, we've had several bouts of vomit-sick with our son in the last year. It really is horrible, and while I still prefer it over asthma due to the level of sick that he gets, it does make for considerable home nastiness. Hope it gets better soon!

wellroundedtype2 said...

Aw, yuk. I hope it is gone for good. I only have a couple of vomiting experiences with little one so far.

You deserve some sort of metal, really.

Moms and dads who clean up vomit (and end up sick themselves) are the glue that holds our society together. And cleans up after it.

Lori said...

I still remember one time, when my son was maybe 6 weeks old and we were still deep in the midst of new parent sleep deprivation, that I think was one of the worst parenting moments. In the sense of the most miserable moments of being a parent, not my worst moments as a mom, which are too numerous to mention. ;) Anyway, my son was a very fussy baby, and he spit up a lot, and one night he had finally gone to sleep, after nursing, between me and my husband in the bed. He wakes up maybe half an hour later and throws up all over the bed and us. So, we get up, clean off, change the sheets, he's inconsolable, and I end up nursing him back to sleep. Guess what? He does the exact same thing again! As soon as he lays down in the bed, he throws up all over the brand new sheets.

Luckily, it was pretty much up hill from that night. ;)

Tami said...

Ah, good times! My homeschool community has been passing something around--whatever it is, it appears to still be contagious even a couple days after the symptoms subside. At least that's what we think...

Vicki said...

Hope that everyone gets to feeling better and stays that way!! Vomit and the rest is no fun.