Saturday, February 14, 2009

Funny Breastfeeding Ditty

Okay, I'm going to be out of town for a few days, but wanted to leave you all something fun while I was gone.....something light and fluffy to balance the very research-heavy post I just did. It's a Valentine to all nursing moms everywhere.

I originally saw this on Rixa's Stand and Deliver birth blog, and it was just TOOOOO funny not to pass on. Plus it has a really important message, so I was an immediate fan.

This is for anyone who has ever been hassled, stared at, disapproved of, pressured to leave the room or told to go sit in the bathroom when breastfeeding in public.

I've been fortunate not to have been too hassled when breastfeeding my babies in public, but plenty of women have been asked to leave stores, to cover up, or to completely stop nursing.

This is for them! And for all us nursing moms everywhere, celebrating our willingness to give our babies what they needed, regardless of disapproval or raised eyebrows.

[If you have a little one who has watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast, you'll be able to sing along with this, which is really critical to attain the maximum silliness quotient.]

*Sing to the tune of "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast

See our breasts, see our breasts-
Everywhere, half-naked chests.
While we nurse,
The prudish curse
And wish we'd button up our vests.
Sorry, folks, look away
If we're too decollete,
but this is what boobs are made for,
Not those Wonderbras you've paid for.
We refuse to go feed
Hunched in bathroom stalls---indeed,
We're appalled that you would make such rude requests.
Would you agree to eat
Upon a toilet seat?
See our breasts, see our breasts, free our breasts!

*Correction: Artwork by Wyspiansky, 1902, titled "Macierzynstow"; image from Wikimedia Commons.

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Lemur-Cat said...

Awesome! And for people who don't have the tune memorized, there is always YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the artwork is actually by Wyspianski :) "Macierzynstwo" (eng. Maternity) is the title of the picture!

The song is great, BTW :)

Unknown said...

LOL. Been there. Thanks for sharing this very funny song!

Anonymous said...

I love it!

I don't know if I'll be pregnant and breastfeeding again, but if I find myself in the public breastfeeding situation again, I'm sure I'll be thinking of this song!

I had a child who never wanted to be covered, so if I was in public, I had my size 44DDD breast free and loose for the world to see. I didn't necessarily mind too much. On the airplane it was a little hard because there's just so much of my breast, people don't have anywhere else to look if they were looking in my direction. We flew to a place that's a 15+ hour flight away when our little one was 8 months old, so I just got used to feeling like I was topless on the flight.

I never found a nursing bra that worked for me, and nursing tops didn't either, so I would just pull my t-shirt up most of the time, or wear something button down. Little one managed to block some of my body.

If people ever had a problem with my breastfeeding in public, I must have been oblivious to it.

I miss nursing. I would like to do it again, but if not, I had almost 2 years to be able to remember. While at times there were challenges (pumping -- rrrr) I think it was the sweetest thing.

Unknown said...

I also have a child that simply hates to be covered, and public breastfeeding is always a trial, so thanks for giving us something to lighten the mood.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and I wanted to say hello. I love what you're doing here. I'm enjoying reading it. I'm pregnant with my third. the first two were born in the hospital, where I was subject to all kinds of ridiculousness, restrictions, and needless intervention. this time, i'm planning a waterbirth at a free standing birthing center, under a midwife's care. I'm excited about it.

anyway, I look forward to reading more!

Willow said...

Looooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!