Thursday, March 28, 2013

Plus-Size Pregnancy Photos: 31 and 36 weeks!

A reader has submitted her pregnancy pictures to me for the blog.  And beautiful pictures they are, too!

Too often, women of size neglect to take adequate pictures of themselves pregnant and birthing and parenting because they are embarrassed about their size.  Then there is a void in their children's baby books and the family photo albums, because these moms can't bear to have their pictures taken.  And these moms don't have the beautiful keepsakes to remind them of those magical times when they were pregnant.

Bravo to Jen for being brave enough to take pictures, and for being willing to share them with the rest of the world.  Considering how often people find my blog looking for pictures of pregnant women of size, it's always wonderful to have some new pictures to put up.

If you want to submit your picture, be sure to send it to me with a note granting express permission to use the picture, both here on the blog and my website, and for my various speaking gigs, giving presentations on pregnancy and "obesity" etc.

Here is Jen (a.k.a. JeninCanada, from the blog, at 31 weeks. Don't you love her beautiful dress?  Great for maternity!

Here is Jen at 36 weeks.

And here is the adorable result of that pregnancy!

Don't you just love those cheeks?


Therese said...

That woman looks perfectly pregnant. Everything wholesome in visual form.

Luna Musings said...

Gorgeous Momma and Baby! Thanks Jen for sharing these.