Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bra Recycling: Passing on the Wealth

Motherwear Great Support Nursing Bra
(Sizes to 50K)

I was so thrilled to find this organization that recycles bras and passes them along to other women around the world in need of a good bra.  The URL is 

If you're like me, you have bras in your drawers that you don't wear very often.  You may have tried a new style or design and found you didn't like it very well, or the fabric/color didn't suit you, or you've changed sizes.  It always sits very poorly with me to waste perfectly good clothes, but I didn't figure that Goodwill or other such organizations would accept such an intimate item as lingerie, so I have quite a few just languishing in my drawers.  But now there's a place to donate!

This is especially important for those of us who are a special size.  It's so hard to find good plus-size clothes second-hand; imagine how hard it is to find good bras in our size when money is an issue!  They are so expensive to buy new.

So if you wear a larger band size (more than about 42 or so), a larger cup (D or more), have a mastectomy or post-surgery bra, or have some nursing bras you no longer need, I hope you will especially consider donating to this group.

Below is more information about the company and where to send the bras.  Some communities also have drop-off sites where you can drop off the bra instead of having to pay shipping costs; info about that can be found here. And here is a link to the donation paperwork you need to fill out.

[I should probably add the disclaimer that I know nothing about this group or its validity as a charity.  Caveat Emptor. However, they do have a page that discusses which charities they donate the bras to, if you want to do more research.]

From the company's "about" page:

What is The Bra Recyclers all about?
  • We are a textile recycling company focused on doing our part to recycle and reuse bras (textiles) that unnecessarily go to landfills
  • We buy and sell recycled bras, which are re-distributed through exporters and organizations to developing countries around the world
  • We have created and support a network of Bra Recycling Ambassadors who assist us in providing deserving women with used or unused bras as they transition back to self-sufficiency
What Type of Bras Are Needed?
  • Bras in good condition; Clasps and straps need to be functional
  • All sizes and styles of bras
  • Special needs bras, post breast surgery and maternity bras
Recovering and Recycling Your Bras
We make it easy for you to recover and recycle all of the old or new bras sitting in your lingerie drawers waiting to be worn by a deserving woman in your community. Just follow 4 easy steps:
  • Wash It. All bras should be washed.
  • Tag It. Fill out Bra Recycling Form.
  • Box It. Place your bras in a box or large envelope.
  • Drop It Off or Mail It to:
The Bra Recyclers
3317 S. Higley Rd, Ste 114-441
Gilbert, AZ 85297


Mich said...

This looks like great news, I've got about 30 bras that I can't wear, some are teenager sizes, and some don't stretch enough for me. So far I've been keeping them since Goodwill won't take them.

Thanks so much for this info!!

Anonymous said...

They sell them? I'd rather they just be given to The women who need them for free instead of them making a profit off of them.