Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Belly Blog Carnival Deadline Extended

I've gotten a number of submissions for my Belly Blog Carnival, which is great!  I'm thrilled. 

However, the original due date was tomorrow, and I've decided to extend it a couple more weeks.  I'm prepping right now for a big trip and presentation, and I'm realizing that I don't have the time to give the Belly Blog Carnival the attention it deserves before the trip.  I also want to give folks time to send further submissions.

So therefore I'm extending the deadline till after I get back from my trip, at which point I'll take time to collate all the submissions and write my own entry.

Let's make the new deadline April 15th.  Keep those submissions coming!

p.s. Don't you just love the picture above?  It's one of my all-time favorites.


Kate said...

My due date this time is Oct 28th so that may be me this fall :)

Myndie said...

I LOVE the picture! Can't wait for more.

Allymumtobe said...

LOVE the pic! I will so do something like that if i'm UTD at halloween! then i can tell baby it went as a pumkin or a witch becuase it was even born!

mandimomma said...

i am excited to send in my pic, but it won't be in time for your deadline. i want to get a henna belly blessing closer to my due date in july.

Cassandra said...

I've noticed a ton of hits to my site looking at one picture of me in particular. Almost all of the hits are from foreign countries and the link won't let me see what search terms were being used to find the specific picture. One search did come through for "really fat woman". So the big warning about pictures on your previous post is really true! Be brave, but beware too!