Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks for the Photos

Thanks to everyone who has submitted pregnancy and birth photos to me. It's been great getting them!!! I've really enjoyed looking through them. There are a couple of great shots that I'm really looking forward to putting on the blog!

However, before I can put them up, I need to do some permission paperwork, so they are not ready to go yet. Once we've got that done, though, you can look forward to seeing several new photos on the blog!! Yay!!

I have several posts I have been working on in the last few days but I am leaving for a birth conference tomorrow and was not quite able to get them finished before going, so they'll just have to wait until afterwards.

Once I get back, I'll intersperse the new blog entries with the pregnancy photos to give a little variety to things. Oh, and I am still open to getting more photos, so if you haven't found yours yet or you haven't worked up the courage to submit 'em yet, it's not too late.

Have a great week! I know I will; this should be a great birth conference and these things always inspire new musings from me, so look forward to some good stuff when I get back!!

As a reminder, I'll be gone till next week so any comments anyone submits will have to wait till then to get approved.


dagoo said...

What would you consider a "well-rounded mamma"? I have a BMI of about 32-34 depending on wght. but carry it very well, am fairly tall. I'm currently 21 wks into my 2nd pgncy and I've noticed more fat/organs being pushed upwards from the uterus about 1 month or so earlier than before, so my tummy's larger at the top now, not where the uterus is. However, I didn't show until about 25-26 wks the first pgncy enough to tell everyone (colleagues, students I teach). I know a lot of plus-size women show pretty early even tho w/ me the baby is surrounded by fat, so it doesn't show there's anything else in there.
Also w/ wght gain, I'm currently 2-3 lbs less than I was at the beg. of pgncy b/c I walked off 7 lbs in Europe for 4 wks in June (not intentionally). However, I don't intend to gain any more than 10, max 15 lbs. My ending wght at 1st prncy was 16 lbs more than at beginning, more than 10lbs in last 2-3 months. I was 10 lbs less than the pre-pregn. wght about 3 wks after birth.

hopefulmama said...

There is hope for me after all? I stated this pregnancy at 293 and 5'5. I am not 15 weeks and 299. I am obese and not liking the whole weight gain thing. I dropped 40 pounds between February and November. I have PCOD which does not help matters much. Anyhow, I have always wanted a cute baby belly if I eve got pregnant not a big blobby belly. I look at these pictures that are posted and have some hope. I guess I will have to start taking pictures of my belly every week so that maybe then I will be able to see the changes that this pregnancy is bringing.. This is #1 for me.